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Kudos from Coconut Grove

Will Lambert, XGrass Regional Sales Manger in Florida sold a dog park at Blanche Park in Coconut Grove, FL in early 2012. Coconut Grove is a small, upscale area in northern Miami. The project was just less than 5,000 sq.ft. and to our surprise, turned out to be located on the only hill in Florida. I arrived on day one to find 20-30 dogs playing at the park. I soon learned of the parks popular social atmosphere. It seemed that everyone in Coconut Grove visited the park several times each day. On average, you can count 30 dogs at the park at any given time. Marc Sarnoff, the commissioner of Miami, lives near the park and introduced himself to me. He voiced how impressed he was at the work ethic of my workers and I. Marc could not say enough generous words about us at that time.

Last week, David Becker, XGrass Installer, and myself revisited Coconut Grove to renovate Lincoln Park, another 5,000 sq.ft. dog park approximately 100 yards from Blanche Park. Marc dropped by Lincoln Park and was very pleased to see us. While Dave and the workers continued at Lincoln, Marc and I walked down to Blanche Park to discuss an additional renovation. When our conversation ended that evening, Marc had already contacted someone from the city in reference to the park renovation. He currently wants us back at Blanche Park to complete an almost 24,000 sq. ft. renovation, including 19,000 sq.ft. of turf and 5,000 sq.ft. of bonded rubber.

Because of the sincere gratitude of everyone at the Grove, this is definitely one place that I do not mind revisiting. The residents there recognized me from 10 months ago and picked back up like nothing had changed. Even though the flat park I was anticipating turned out to be a large hill, with limited access and plenty of excavation work, my team battled through. In the end, this has definitely turned out to be a very rewarding experience.

As installers we are often faced with unknown challenges and seemingly impossible feats on our projects. However, the appreciation of the local community makes those problems much easier to overcome. Giving a project your all, demonstrating strong work ethic and showing, by action, that you personally care how the project turns out gives XGrass its highly reputable name. These are the things that will hold XGrass dominate to the competition for years to come.

Josh Kinsey
Project Coordinator for XGrass

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